Case No. 19STCV30088

In her Complaint, Plaintiff contends that Defendant failed to reimburse employees who worked as brand ambassadors and/or product demonstrators (“Brand Ambassadors”) for all their business-related mileage expenses and all their business-related expenses for the costs of acquiring and using electronic communication devices, including cellular phones, tablets and/or computers. On behalf of herself and other Brand Ambassadors who worked for Defendant, Plaintiff seeks to recover in the Action unpaid expense reimbursement, interest, costs of suit and attorneys’ fees.

Defendant denies all of the allegations against it in the Lawsuit, maintains that it complied with all labor laws, and contends that, except for the purposes of Settlement, the claims in the Action may not be pursued as a class action. The Court has not decided whether or not Defendant violated any laws or whether any person is entitled to any damages or other relief.

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